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Information of IGST Refund on Export

information about IGST Refund on Export ?

Definition of Export as per the GST Act
The IGST Act defines export as the taking out of goods or services from India to a place outside India. As per the Act, goods and services that are exported are considered “zero-rated supplies”. Taxable persons who export such goods and services are also eligible for claiming refunds on the GST paid. Thus, the GST rate is 0% for exports.

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Procedure for availing GST Refund

  • GST has two components, central GST and state GST. Further, Integrated GST is applicable on inter-state supplies of goods and services, as well as on imports and exports of India. However, the exporter can claim a refund on the IGST charged, and this can be done using one of the two available options:

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Exporting goods and services without payment on the IGST

  • Under this an exporter is allowed to claim a refund on the unutilized input credit. If the refund is claimed on duty paid, the refund is quite quick and gets granted usually within a fortnight. The exporter needs to file the GSTR-1 and 3B and also file the export general manifest. No separate application is required as the Shipping Bill itself is considered as an application. The exporter files the shipping bill for goods exported outside of India. The deemed application will only be considered filed when the exporter, the Custom House Agent or whoever is in charge of the shipment has filed the export report or manifest that states the date and number of the shipping bills.

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Exporting goods and services on payment of the IGST

  • The exporter is eligible for claiming a refund on the tax paid on such export. In case of refund claim without payment of IGST and for input credit, the exporter files a separate application online in the form of RFD-01A. A hard copy of the application along with supporting documents needs to be submitted manually to GST officials. In this case, the refund is made based on the verification of filed documents.
  • The exporter then has to apply for the refund through the common portal, either directly or through the facilitation centre notified by the GST Commissioner. A refund once applied has to be paid within 60 days from the date of receipt of complete refund application. Beyond that time frame, an interest of 6% has to be paid to the applicant.

Meanwhile We have seen that IGST refund get stuck multiple times due to clerical error we help the exporters to claim it from the GST range & Customs.

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What Our Clients Says

They are very fast in getting work done. They resolved each and every query of ours. We were not aware of the export incentive they approached us and helped us to claim the incentives.

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Our IGST refunds were pending due to some errors Dwarkadhish approached us and helped getting refund as soon as possible. Even We have not met in personal they are doing all our GST work.


Sidharth foods pvt. Ltd.

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